Phil Purdy-Ewing has been producing images since the 1960s through to the present day. He has a modest presence in the corporate market and retains a few private clients. The work found on this site is all original and not available in any reproduced format. The images consist of mixed mediums and are largely on plywood ranging in size from 24"x18" through to 48"x36". Sculptures are normally in wood, Suffolk flint or aerated concrete. Very few of the images are pre-framed as the framing choice is best left to the image purchaser. Enquiries will be handled individually by Phil and image costs and delivery requirements agreed. None of the works produced are in any way a comment but are simply images that may please the eye sufficiently to promote purchasing activity. Phil will be pleased to discuss any issue related to this site content and looks forward to responding to browsers' interest.
Phillip Purdy-Ewing